Half-Time in South America

With the half of our journey being over now, here is a short summary for everybody who follows our blog and only speaks English. So far our travels have been amazing! It really doesn´t feel like we´ve been on the road for just two and a half months now, because we have already seen so much, been at so many different places and met so many different faces, it feels more like we´ve been travelling for a year. From the paradise like islands of Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean to the misty mountains of the Andes, the nature in South America has been more than impressive. The National Park in Cahuita, the Quilotoa-Loop in Ecuador and Cajas National Park near Cuenca have only been some of the highlights so far. And although we couldn´t visit Galapagos due to our limited budget, we managed to visit the Isla de la Plata and swam with sea turtles in the ocean blue water.

We experienced adventure, doing Bungee-Jumping and White-water rafting, and relaxment, party in Montanita and Mancora, great hikes, great food, great new experiences and a lot of bus driving. South America certainly hasn´t been boring so far.

We are looking forward to the second half of our journey. I do not regret having started this journey once so far and I am optimistic, it will stay like this the second half too! A lot of highlights are still in front of us, like Machu Picchu, Iquitos or the Titicaca Lake. Special thanks also to all the amazing, inspiring and entertaining people from all over the world we got the pleasure to meet and who made journey unforgettable. With our Spanish ever improving and our hunger for travelling still as big as in the beginning, we are living la pura vida every day!